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  • Question: Why am I not surprised you took naked photos of yourself, attention whore? Keep saying that feminism bullshit because everyone else knows that anyone who takes naked photos of themselves is asking for it, or they would not have taken the pics. Maybe you and Jennifer Lawrence as every other slut out there should think about the message you're sending when you want to show off your tits. - Anonymous
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    Hey anon, I took some nude pics just for you. Let me know what message you think they send.



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"You protect that flower, Sakura-chan.

And I will protect the Sakura-chan…who protects that flower”

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Maybe this flower will be our always !

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naruto “drinks milk straight out of the carton ignoring the glass of milk he poured for himself” uzumaki

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I am really tired!


Hey Guys
No pairing is canon yet. ok?
This chapter is not about shipping or anything like that. We all know Naruto will not end without Sasuke and Naruto fight. Actually, i know Sasuke will be at badside when he’s back.
I am NS fan. I love them. But i will be honest.
To NS: Say SS is dead,…

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Justice LeagueHereafter, Part I (2x19)

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